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Q: Is BubbleLick™ Safe?

Answer: Yes! All the ingredients in BubbleLick™ are FDA approved. BubbleLick™ DOES NOT contain any chemicals under California Proposition 65, gluten, peanuts, nuts, seafood or any components that would cause allergic reactions. BubbleLick™ has NO artificial flavoring or preservatives. BubbleLick™ is an entertainment product, NOT food. Do not drink the solution.

Q: What Should I Do If My Child Drank The Solution?

Answer: The amount typically ingested is small and safe. The amount of naturally derived, nontoxic surfactants in BubbleLick™ is tiny. Accidental ingestion of the BubbleLick™ solution is similar to the same amount of baby bubble bath water. You can just observe your child. In most cases, nothing will happen. In a child who is highly sensitive to taste or texture, he or she might get an upset stomach and be back to normal. If you are ever concerned, please bring your child to the doctor.